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Bamboe daglichtlamp - L200 - LiromaBamboe daglichtlamp - L200 - Liroma
Bamboo Daylight Lamp - L200 Sale price€49,00 Regular price€89,00
Daglichtlamp compact (Blauw en Wit licht) - L300 - LiromaDaglichtlamp compact (Blauw en Wit licht) - L300 - Liroma
Daylight lamp Compact (Blue and White light) - L300 Sale price€72,95 Regular price€95,00
Infraroodlamp Dubbele kop - 507 - LiromaInfraroodlamp Dubbele kop - 507 - Liroma
Infrared lamp Double head - 507 Sale price€189,00 Regular price€225,00
Infraroodlamp enkele kop - 506 - LiromaInfraroodlamp enkele kop - 506 - Liroma
Infrared lamp single head - 506 Sale price€99,00 Regular price€125,00
Lichttherapiebril (blauw licht) - L1000 - LiromaLichttherapiebril (blauw licht) - L1000 - Liroma
Light therapy glasses (blue light) - L1000 Sale price€49,00 Regular price€79,00
LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie 500 - LiromaLiroma LED500 - Liroma
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Armor 500 Sale price€425,00 Regular price€445,00
LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie 600 - LiromaLiroma LED600 - Liroma
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Armor 600 Sale price€399,00 Regular price€495,00
LIROMA® (Roodlicht therapie) Force RL600Max - LiromaLIROMA® (Roodlicht therapie) Force RL600Max - Liroma
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Force RL600Max Sale price€2.250,00 Regular price€2.695,00
LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie RTL180 - LiromaLiroma LED RTL180 - Liroma
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Force RTL180 Sale price€895,00 Regular price€995,00
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Force RTL300Liroma LED RTL300 - Liroma
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Force RTL300 Sale price€1.049,00 Regular price€1.295,00
LIROMA® (Roodlicht therapie) Force RTL300+ - LiromaLIROMA® (Roodlicht therapie) Force RTL300+ - Liroma
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Force RTL300 Sale price€1.490,00 Regular price€1.750,00
LIROMA® (Roodlichttherapie) Armor 400 - LiromaLIROMA® (Roodlichttherapie) Armor 400 - Liroma
LIROMA® (Red Light Therapy) Armor 400 Sale price€225,00 Regular price€299,00
Portable Infrarood Riem - LiromaPortable Infrarood Riem - Liroma
LIROMA® Infrared Belt Sale price€99,00 Regular price€129,00
Liroma LED-gezichtsmasker - LiromaLiroma LED-gezichtsmasker - Liroma
LIROMA® LED face mask Sale price€225,00 Regular price€249,00
Liroma lichttherapiebril 2.0 - LiromaLiroma lichttherapiebril 2.0 - Liroma
LIROMA® Light Therapy Glasses 2.0 Sale price€89,00 Regular price€119,00
Liroma® Losse infraroodlamp - Liroma
Sold out
LIROMA® Roodlicht Rugband - LiromaLIROMA® Roodlicht Rugband - Liroma
LIROMA® Infrared Belt Sale price€195,00 Regular price€245,00
LIROMA® Roodlicht therapie RTL120 - LiromaLIROMA® Roodlicht therapie RTL120 - Liroma
LIROMA® Red light therapy RTL120 Sale price€595,00 Regular price€645,00
Liroma RTL standaard - LiromaLiroma RTL standaard - Liroma
LIROMA® RTL standard Sale price€355,00
Liroma TDP-lamp 608B - LiromaLiroma TDP-lamp 608B - Liroma
LIROMA® TDP lamp 608B Sale price€695,00 Regular price€795,00
Luxe Ring daglichtlamp - L100 - LiromaLuxe Ring daglichtlamp - L100 - Liroma
Luxury Ring daylight lamp - L100 Sale price€59,00 Regular price€79,00
S18 Daglichtlamp White Noise & Wake-up Light - LiromaS18 Daglichtlamp White Noise & Wake-up Light - Liroma
S18 Daylight Bulb White Noise & Wake-up Light Sale price€89,00 Regular price€135,00
TDP-lamp 607A - LiromaTDP-lamp 607A - Liroma
TDP lamp 607A Sale price€215,00 Regular price€299,00

"In my house I have red light therapy lamps that I use to warm up my muscles before a workout. I find it very useful and it works very well for me" (interview

Max Verstappen

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