Liroma TDP lamp 608B

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The Liroma® TDP lamp is perfect for therapeutic treatment for many ailments and conditions at home, in a salon, physiotherapy clinic and gym. The infrared radiator with IR-C radiation heats the built-in ceramic plate. As a result, the body absorbs the 33 minerals from the ceramic plate. These minerals end up in the energy pathways in the body to ensure that various body processes function properly. Time-consuming and expensive treatments are sometimes no longer necessary.
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Liroma® TDP lamp 608B

A TDP lamp uses a special mineral disc containing minerals such as zeolite, tourmaline and iron oxide. When switched on, the disc emits infrared radiation, which penetrates deep into the body. This stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. Each mineral has unique benefits, such as zeolite that absorbs toxins and tourmaline that produces negative ions for well-being. Using a TDP lamp with the right mineral disc can lead to therapeutic benefits and improvement of overall well-being.

Mineral disk

The mineral disc contains 33 essential minerals that are absorbed by the body when heated by the infrared lamp. This is because the wavelengths of the electromagnetic waves correspond to the bio waves of the human body.

Pain relief

TDP lamps are commonly used for pain relief for muscle and joint problems such as arthritis, muscle pain, back pain, and sprains. The heat can promote blood flow, relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

Supporting physiotherapy

TDP lamps are often used as an aid to physical therapy and rehabilitation programs as they can help enhance the effects of therapy and promote recovery.

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It sounds unbelievable and it is! Because apart from all kinds of invasive pain intervention treatments by my Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist in the operating room, TDP-Lamps have a considerable pain-reducing effect.

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Compared to other suppliers, Liroma products are very economical in use

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