Infrared lamp Double head - 507

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  • Flexible arms
  • IR-A
  • 2x 300W lamps
  • Remote control
  • Sturdy cross base
  • Height adjustable (max 160cm)

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Liroma® Infrared lamp double head

By aiming the infrared lamp at the body, the body warms up evenly and in a balanced way. It is also called heat lamp. The treatment feels pleasant. This is because the light penetrates far into our skin. Because the lamp heats up, the temperature of the body rises. This promotes blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and increases heart rate. This means that waste products are removed more quickly. Infrared lamps are very suitable for skin complaints, muscle pain and joint pain, for example.

So flexible, treat wherever you want

Point the lamp wherever you want. Due to the flexible arms, multiple body parts can be treated at the same time. Lie down, stand or sit however you want. You don't have to adapt to the lamp, but the lamp adapts to you. Not only useful at home, but also in a salon or practice in combination with another treatment.

Acne problems?

The heat lamp gives a pleasant feeling on the skin and helps to reduce skin complaints. Think of Acne and Psoriasis.

Ideal for athletes

Many athletes benefit from an infrared lamp (heat)

  • Reduces muscle pain and inflammation
  • Improved muscle performance
  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Improved blood circulation

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