About us

How it started...

Welcome to Liroma Red Light Therapy, where we are committed to improving your well-being through innovative red light therapy. My name is Michael Tan, and my personal journey to healthier skin and less muscle pain has led to the creation of this beautiful company.

Liroma's story starts with my own experience with skin complaints. I suffered from acne from an early age, which not only caused physical discomfort but also had an impact on my self-confidence. After countless creams, treatments, and medications without lasting results, it was finally my doctor who suggested a new path: red light therapy . With some hesitation, I purchased a red light therapy lamp, and within 1 to 2 weeks I noticed a clear difference. My skin became calmer, less inflamed and my acne reduced significantly.

But my story doesn't end here. In addition to my skin problems, I am also an active athlete. Regularly found at the gym, I was dealing with muscle and joint pain that made my workouts difficult. During my research, I discovered that red light therapy also showed promising results in relieving muscle and joint pain. Curious about the possibilities, I started using the lamp for this too. The result was astonishing: my muscle complaints decreased significantly, allowing me to continue my fitness routine without restrictions.

Always an enterprising and independent type, I decided it was time to share my positive experiences with red light therapy with others. This is how Liroma Red Light Therapy was born. What started as a personal solution quickly grew into a mission to help as many people as possible with their health problems.

At Liroma we believe in the power of red light therapy. Our products are designed to be effective, easy to use and of high quality. We are proud to say that we help thousands of people every year improve their skin, reduce pain and increase their overall well-being.

Our team consists of passionate professionals who all have the same goal in mind: improving your health and well-being. We are always ready to advise and support you in finding the right red light therapy solution for your specific needs.

Thanks to our personal experiences and our belief in the benefits of red light therapy, we have built Liroma into a trusted brand. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service so that you too can benefit from the wonders of red light therapy.

At Liroma Red Light Therapy, your health and satisfaction come first. Together we work towards a healthier future!


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