S18 Daylight Bulb White Noise & Wake-up Light

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A daylight lamp, wake-up light and white noise device in one! Connect your phone for music with bluetooth and control with the remote control.

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Daylight lamp, White Noise & Wake-up Light in one!

Enter a world of ultimate comfort with our versatile daylight lamp, a masterpiece that combines the power of natural daylight with soothing white noise, a gradual wake-up light, seamless bluetooth connectivity and effortless remote control. Experience the invigorating glow of daylight, while background sounds surround you with peace and relaxation. Transform your mornings with a gentle and natural wake-up experience, while playing your favorite music via Bluetooth. All this is at your fingertips thanks to the intuitive remote control. Enrich your daily routine with this lamp that harmoniously combines technology and well-being.

Simulates natural daylight

A daylight lamp accurately mimics the natural spectrum of daylight. As a result, they can help improve your mood, concentration and overall well-being, especially during dark winter months or when you can't spend much time outside.

Wake up light function

A wake-up light mimics a natural sunrise by gradually increasing in brightness, ensuring a calm and energetic awakening without sudden jerks. This gradual transition helps your body prepare to wake up.

Wake up peacefully with the White Noise function

The white noise function produces soothing sounds that mask distracting background noise, creating a calming and focused atmosphere for relaxation, focus and sleep.


Play your own unique playlist with the bluetooth function.

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