Yes, finally! Renewed base infrared lamps 506 and 507.

Yes, eindelijk! Vernieuwd onderstel infraroodlampen 506 en 507. - Liroma

Yes! Thanks to you, our infrared lamps 506 and 507 have a new base. Renewed, improved and strengthened :)

Renewed infrared lamp base

After reading your comments about the stability of the lamp, we immediately took action. We naturally agreed with you that the standard of the lamp could still be improved.

For readers unfamiliar with this, the infrared lamp had a base that had to be filled with water or sand. The head, on the other hand, was a bit heavy in comparison to the stand, which caused the lamp to fall over quickly. This is of course not the intention!

The lamp is now equipped with a sturdy steel cross leg standard on wheels, which means that the lamp is now perfectly balanced. Not that the appearance of a lamp makes any difference, but the new standard also immediately looks nicer. Win-win situation, right?!

We are curious about your opinion! (And of course, keep providing feedback. This way we can continue to improve.)

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Thank you for taking the time to review our products. We are very happy with this.

Team Liroma

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