Why is light so important?

Waarom is licht zo belangrijk? - Liroma

Have you ever wondered why some days you feel energetic and positive, while other days seem like a constant battle against fatigue and sadness? Or why do you sometimes experience inexplicable depression during the winter months, when the days become shorter?

Importance of light

We need light in our lives to see, but in addition to that important aspect, light also plays a role in adjusting our sleep rhythm and light is actually the basis of our lives. Our bodies need to constantly synchronize with the natural environment, which is why we need light and darkness at certain times of the day. The body needs a good balance between light and dark.

Research shows that light has a direct influence on the parts of our brain that are linked to our alertness and cognition. This means that exposing our eyes to bright light for 20 to 30 minutes can reduce our sense of drowsiness and improve reaction speed.

Exposure of light to our eyes apparently has an effect on our body. In the morning, light causes an increase in the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is essential in the body for it to function properly. It controls the body's stress responses and helps you feel fit and protect the body against the effects of illness, injury or stress. When our body is exposed to a stressful situation, an extra high cortisol level is needed to stay afloat. At night, exposure to light causes an increase in body temperature and heart rhythm and a decrease in the amount of melatonin (the sleep hormone). When the body is exposed to sufficient daylight, the sleep hormone decreases and the value of serotonin (the happiness hormone) increases. The same goes for the other way around... When the sleep hormone increases, the happiness hormone decreases. In short, the less daylight, the less 'happy' feeling.

Light influences not only what we see, but also how we feel and function. Discover how daylight lamps can reset your biological clock and improve your energy and mood.

Your biological clock

Our biological clock is an important aspect of our health. This part of your brain supposedly controls all the traffic in our body and maintains a 24-hour rhythm. If this clock is disrupted, damage can occur in your body. A properly functioning biological clock is therefore essential for good health. With a daylight lamp it is possible to get your biological clock back in line and, among other things, you can prevent a disturbed sleep rhythm.

Morning light and darkness

We need morning light and darkness for a good sleep rhythm, so a good night's sleep and an energetic day. You will probably also notice that you have more energy if you have slept well and it is a beautiful sunny day. If it is dark during the day, this can lead to gloomy feelings and therefore to a winter blues during the dark months of the year.

In people who suffer from winter blues, in short seasonal changes, bright light in the morning can improve the mood. The bright light can counteract the lack of energy with just 20 to 30 minutes. Bright light (artificial light or from the sun) appears to be very effective against mood swings during the dark times of the year.

More energy through light

When bright light enters through our eyes, we become more alert and less sleepy. This makes us feel more energetic. As long as it is dark outside, our eyes are set to darkness. A low light intensity from the daylight lamp may be sufficient to activate your body. If you suffer from drowsiness during the day, increase the light intensity of the lamp. This way you increase your alertness.

Blue or white light?

With a daylight lamp we talk about white light and blue light, among other things. But when do you use which color and at what time of the day? The best effect of light depends on the color in combination with the right moment.

White light contains all colors of the light spectrum, including a fraction of blue light. The blue light is best for controlling our biological clock. Your energy level is increased. Be careful, because blue light can disrupt your sleep. For this reason, it is recommended to use blue light in particular in the morning if you have difficulty getting up.

Disruptions to the biological clock are caused, among other things, by a lot of bright light in the evening, for example from smartphones or tablets, but also for people who work night shifts or have jet lag from flying through different time zones. If you are very tired early in the evening, exposure to bright light can be effective.

Exposure to light during the day provides more energy and a better mood. The more blue the white light contains, the less light is needed for a reaction. Exposure of the eyes to a large amount of blue light is not necessary, so make sure that you do not look directly into the light and do not use it for longer than the recommended 30 minutes.

Liroma daylight lamps pose no risks to normal and healthy eyes. The screen is equally bright everywhere and has the same concentration. In addition, the lamp is UV-free.

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