What is the difference between an infrared lamp and TDP (Moxa) lamp?

Wat is het verschil tussen een infraroodlamp en TDP (Moxa)-lamp? - Liroma

The infrared lamp and the TDP lamp. Two lamps, both with infrared radiation... We understand that you are wondering what the difference is. The Liroma team makes the differences clear especially for you!

Infrared lamp

Infrared lamps are frequently used to combat muscle and joint pain, but can also provide relief for back problems or stomach ache, for example. The pleasant warmth of the infrared lamp provides rapid pain relief and improved blood circulation. Good blood circulation stimulates relaxation and recovery of the entire body. Because the temperature of the skin rises, blood circulation accelerates and the heart rate increases. This means that waste products are removed more quickly. In addition to muscle and joint pain, it therefore also has many other benefits. Consider the reduction of skin diseases and conditions, such as wounds, acne and cellulite.
In addition, the infrared lamp is a good treatment against stress. The product has a relaxing effect. In addition to affecting your mental condition, stress also affects physical complaints. The less stress, the fewer complaints (such as stomach ache, headache and fatigue).

TDP lamp

Do you suffer from painful and uncomfortable ailments and/or conditions, but nothing seems to help? Consider, for example, skin complaints, joint pain, infections or stress. Sometimes you cannot find the cause and you do not know how to reduce certain pain, inflammation and discomfort. The TDP lamp can help with this.

The lamp has a stimulating effect on the healing of many complaints. A TDP lamp is also called a Moxa lamp. The TDP lamp cannot be compared to an infrared lamp or to the heat experienced in a sauna. The built-in ceramic plate with minerals makes the difference. The mineral disc is activated by infrared heat and thus creates electromagnetic waves that strengthen the body's cell metabolism. The mineral disk contains 33 essential minerals that are absorbed by the body when heated by the infrared lamp. This is because the wavelengths of the electromagnetic waves correspond to the bio waves of the human body. Our body needs the 33 minerals to function properly.

The effect of the TDP lamp is effective, intensive and promotes the recovery process. The effect is improved blood and lymph circulation, removal of toxins from the tissue, pain reduction, muscle relaxation and a beneficial energetic effect on the organ system. Many people with fibromyalgia, for example, benefit greatly from this product. The TDP lamp has been tested with great success by leading practices and institutes.

Tip: combine an acupuncture treatment with the TDP lamp

The TDP treatment is similar to acupuncture. The purpose and effect of acupuncture and TDP therapy are virtually the same. Both treatments focus on the meridians. Acupuncture points are connected to energy channels in the body. These paths are called the meridians. Meridians are connected to all kinds of functions and organs. They provide our organs and tissues with energy. Heating these pathways by directing the TDP lamp at the acupuncture points creates a stimulating effect on the healing of many complaints. The TDP lamp is often used in salons or practices in combination with acupuncture or cupping.

The TDP lamp contains the following 33 minerals: Silicon Si, Calcium Ca, Chromium Cr, Manganese Mn, Iron Fe, Copper Cu, Zinc Zn, Cobalt Co, Tin Sn, Boron B, Sulfur/sulfur S, Selenium Se, Cadmium Cd , Titanium Ti, Zirconium Zr, Tungsten W, Iodine I, Arsenic As, Sodium Na, Barium Ba, Aluminum Al, Molybdenum Mo, Antimony Sb, Cerium Ce, Bismuth Bi, Fluorine F, Iridium Ir, Nickel Ni, Magnesium Mg, Lead Pb, Carbon C.

We have listed the differences between the infrared lamp and the TDP (Moxa) lamp for you!

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