What is a TDP lamp? We explain!

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We already know the infrared lamp, but do you already know the TDP lamp ?!
Do you suffer from painful and uncomfortable ailments and/or conditions, but nothing seems to help? Consider, for example, skin complaints, joint pain, infections or stress. Sometimes you cannot find the cause and you do not know how to reduce certain pain, inflammation and discomfort. The TDP lamp can help with this. The lamp has a stimulating effect on the healing of many complaints. The lamp contains an infrared lamp and a mineral disc. The mineral disc is a black ceramic plate with 33 minerals. By heating the infrared lamp, the 33 minerals are absorbed by the body. The body needs these minerals to function properly. The infrared radiation heats the plate and accelerates body processes. The TDP lamp has been tested with great success by leading practices and institutes.

Does this perhaps sound a bit unclear to you or are you curious about scientific articles? Read on quick!

Improves & stimulates body processes, such as:

  • Blood circulation
  • Metabolism: supply of building materials and removal of waste materials
  • Supply of oxygen in the tissue cells
  • Healing effect for, for example , inflammation and skin diseases : think of psoriasis and psoriasis
  • Detox : expulsion of toxic substances from cells
  • Relieving fluid retention (edema)
  • Balancing the nervous system
  • Improvement of immune system and resistance
  • Stimulation of hypothalamus. Hypothalamus? That is the center that controls your sleep, temperature, feeling of hunger and thirst, day and night rhythm, behavior and memory regulates.
  • Helping develop biochemical stimuli that the body is deficient in as a result of illness, accident or damage .

For complaints, such as:

  • Pain in the body. Think of: joint pain, chilblains, menstruation, migraine, muscles, frozen shoulder, sprains and bruises)
  • Chronic wounds and scars
  • Infections
  • Sleep problems
  • Asthma and bronchitis
  • Skin conditions and/or diseases
  • Problems with bowel movements and digestion
  • Intestinal complaints
  • Stress and depression
  • Arthritis and rheumatism
  • Fibromyalgia

It has been found that the  TDP lamp can be effective for more than 100 ailments and conditions.

How the mineral disc works
When the TDP lamp is activated, the mineral plate is heated. The lamp produces electromagnetic waves that the body recognizes and absorbs. These waves simulate the Bio-spectrum waves that are also emitted by our body. This creates a connection between the TDP lamp and your body, whereby your body selectively absorbs the 33 minerals, such as magnesium, iron, calcium and other essential minerals. We need minerals for the execution of all biological processes in our body and by supplementing them you create a therapeutic effect on areas to be treated.

Which 33 minerals does the TDP lamp contain?
The TDP lamp contains the following 33 minerals: Silicon Si, Calcium Ca, Chromium Cr, Manganese Mn, Iron Fe, Copper Cu, Zinc Zn, Cobalt Co, Tin Sn, Boron B, Sulfur/sulfur S, Selenium Se, Cadmium Cd , Titanium Ti, Zirconium Zr, Tungsten W, Iodine I, Arsenic As, Sodium Na, Barium Ba, Aluminum Al, Molybdenum Mo, Antimony Sb, Cerium Ce, Bismuth Bi, Fluorine F, Iridium Ir, Nickel Ni, Magnesium Mg, Lead Pb, Carbon C.

Why infrared in combination with a mineral disc?
With the TDP lamp, the main emphasis is not on the infrared radiator, but the core is on the mineral disc. However, the infrared radiator in the lamp is indispensable. The effect of infrared (see our other blogs at www.liroma.nl ) heats the mineral plate and accelerates the processes in the body. The TDP lamp therefore has an additional effect compared to the infrared lamp that we are almost all familiar with.

According to scientific research, a TDP treatment in combination with an acupuncture treatment gives the best results.

Difference infrared & TDP lamp
Compared to the infrared lamp, the TDP lamp is a more extensive lamp with a deeper, but different, effect. The lamp is not comparable. The lamp contains an infrared light source and a mineral disc. The TDP treatment is similar to acupuncture. The purpose and effect of acupuncture and TDP therapy are virtually the same. Both treatments focus on heating the acupuncture points and thus the meridians, the energy channels in the body. Acupuncture points are connected to the meridians (energy channels). Meridians are connected to all kinds of functions and organs. They provide our organs and tissues with energy. Heating these pathways by directing the TDP lamp at the acupuncture points creates a stimulating effect on the healing of many complaints. The body needs the minerals from the mineral disc to function properly.

The TDP lamp is often used in salons or practices in combination with acupuncture or cupping. Many studies have been conducted into the combination of TDP treatment with acupuncture.

The infrared radiation in the TDP lamp heats the plate and accelerates body processes.

International success
6 universities, 45 colleges, 41 research institutes, 250 hospitals and thousands of researchers and physicians formed a society in 1979 to conduct clinical trials on the effects of mineral infrared therapy.

Curious about the science behind this lamp? View some studies about the TDP lamp below.
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A treatment is ALWAYS a supplement to that of a doctor or specialist. If in doubt, always consult your doctor first before using the lamp.

(!) During menstruation: The intensity of blood loss may increase when the lower back is heated.

(!) Hemophiliacs or persons at high risk of spontaneous bleeding: Consult the doctor or specialist first. The heat causes blood vessels to expand.

(!) Implants, metals, plastics and silicone: The materials are not heated by the TDP system, but you are advised to consult your doctor or specialist first.

(!) In case of (suspected) pregnancy: Consult your doctor first.

When can I not use the lamp? Bee…
– Increased temperature or fever
– Infectious diseases, for example flu
– Thrombosis
– Pregnancy or when you are trying to become pregnant
– Cancer (during the treatment period of chemotherapy and/or radiation)
- High bloodpressure
– Certain hernias, such as Cauda syndrome. Consult your doctor.
- Varicose veins
– Do you have other underlying diseases? Always consult your doctor before use!

Please note: If in doubt, always consult your doctor first. In addition, we do not provide medical advice, but only general information.

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