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Less tension and pain thanks to the infrared lamp

Linda ~ My health regularly brings with it various complaints. Unfortunately, that's part of it and we just make the best of it. We don't really complain because that doesn't achieve anything and it often doesn't make it any more pleasant. Here at home we have learned to think in terms of solutions. My 'disadvantage' is that I have 2 syndromes together. For example, I not only have MS but also a cyst in my brain, the latter in particular often causing problems. Without my medication I will die, that is something that worries us a lot, but we can do something about it: just take my medication. The next problem is mainly the lack of energy on many days. There are days when I get up with the energy level as if I have already worked 60 hours that week and then it is often only Wednesday, you can imagine. However, I have found a solution because recently I have been gratefully using the daylight lamp from Liroma. Such a lamp offers a solution, especially on days when it is still dark in the morning. I wake up with more energy than usual. It is not that I can suddenly run a marathon, but I certainly function better with it. And I also wrote in the review that I had the feeling that I was a lot more productive with this.

In any case, I am very happy with the daylight lamp as it has already reduced some of my problems. Another problem I have, this one comes from the MS, is muscle cramps. I take magnesium tablets every day because otherwise the muscle cramps in my legs keep me awake every night. Since I started taking magnesium, the cramps have reduced considerably, but I still have them with some regularity. They usually appear in my calves and feet in the evening after a long day. Once again Liroma thought along with me and allowed me to try out an infrared lamp to see if that would help with the complaints. Today I am going to tell you how I experienced it and what the infrared lamp can do for me and perhaps for you.

Infrared lamp – Double head – 507

Before I got the lamp, I had heard of an infrared lamp, but I had not looked into it further. I have now read that an infrared lamp can be used multifunctionally. Not only does this topper seem to be a benefit for muscles and joints, it also works great for relaxation. What exactly is an infrared lamp? You can read all about it in Liroma's blog because they of course describe it better than I do. I have learned that a treatment time of 12 minutes can make a world of difference and that you can even treat cold complaints with an infrared lamp. However, it is important that you choose the right infrared lamp by first determining which complaints you want to address with the lamp. Once you have determined that, you can choose the lamp that suits you. The most important thing I want to tell you is that with an infrared lamp you can alleviate many complaints caused by certain diseases and conditions. For example, Erik's blog about fibromyalgia made a huge impression on me. It is so nice to read that fellow sufferers can help each other in this way and exchange experiences with each other. I personally started using the Infrared Lamp – Double Head – 507 in the hope that my muscle cramps would reduce or go away more quickly. I started assembling the lamp to see if I could do it myself without asking for help. The lamp came with clear instructions for use and the lamp was assembled in no time. Inserting the battery into the remote control requires some skill for security reasons, but once the battery is in, you can start relaxing. This lamp has a number of major advantages because since it is a double head you can tackle 2 "problem zones" at the same time. The lamps can easily be operated separately with the same remote control. This way you can not only set a different time for both, but also a different temperature or even use 1 lamp. That makes this infrared lamp a hit.


At Liroma you can not only find different types of infrared lamps, they also have different types of daylight lamps and TDP lamps. Service and guidance is very important and that is why they are happy to tell you more about light therapy.

Finally, I can make the followers of Lifestyle Mommy's happy with a discount code of 10% discount and for that you use the code: Mommys10

Liroma has some important advice that I would like to share with you: “ Always listen carefully to your body! If you have any doubts about use, we always recommend contacting your doctor first. Are you taking medications? Even then, we always recommend contacting your GP first.

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