Daylight lamps with white, yellow, orange and blue light? When and why?

Daglichtlampen met wit, geel, oranje en blauw licht? Wanneer en waarom? - Liroma

Liroma offers daylight lamps with white, yellow, orange and blue light. But what exactly does this mean? When is which light suitable for me? We understand this question. Read on, because we will explain!

Some effects of light depend on the color in combination with the time of use of the daylight lamp. Some colors can also have adverse effects at certain times. It is therefore important to use the right color at the right time.

Blue light

An example. Almost everyone needs light in the morning. This mainly concerns blue light. This light ensures that you wake up well and feel energetic. Exposure to blue light is not recommended in the evenings, because it increases your alertness in the evening, makes you go to bed later and therefore sleeps shorter. If you get sleepy early in the evening and therefore wake up early in the morning, exposure to blue light in the evening can be useful. You then postpone your 'tiredness' for a while and therefore sleep longer.

Light at night is not good for you. This is because you are confusing your biological clock. This has a lot of negative influence and especially impacts on your body.

With blue light you postpone your fatigue.

Wavelength of blue light
Blue light has short wavelength radiation. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy radiated. Blue light is one of the shortest waves within the visible light spectrum.

White light

White light contains all colors of the light spectrum, including a fraction of blue light. Blue light best regulates the biological clock, which is why it is attracting attention. A daylight lamp with white light of 10,000 lux corresponds to a blue light lamp of 200 lux. To give you an idea of ​​the number of lux. An incandescent lamp, halogen and energy-saving lamp contain between 15 and 60 lux. A normal lamp does not meet this number of lux, which is why turning on a normal lamp during the day is not sufficient.

So if your daylight lamp does not have blue light, the daylight lamp with white light of 10,000 lux is just as effective.

A better night's sleep with warm light colors (yellow & orange)

What many people don't know is that it helps to reduce normal light during the evening. Liroma daylight lamps are adjustable and can be used to reduce the light during the evening. Use the yellow and orange light. Blue light, as just explained, is detrimental to your sleep rhythm. The warm light emits less energy due to the longer wavelengths. This actually makes you sleepy faster, resulting in a better night's sleep. It is therefore recommended to reduce the light colors.

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